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Venus (Solfeggio Healing 2)

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The Healing and relaxation music created by solfeggio frequency (528Hz) called "miracle" .
The sounds in this album are composed of lost ancient solfeggio musical scale, in tuned with miraculous frequency(528Hz).
It repairs DNA, and brings you into advanced state of relaxation, release your mind thus you can tune your life energy well balanced.

Love connects people to people, and show us beautiful world.
Once you sense beauty within you, intrinsic light of your spirit will be overflowing, and it will spread around you.
Theme of this music "VENUS" are Love and Beauty.
Once integrate yourself into the sounds called miraculous frequency, nostalgic warmth and lightness spread inside you.
Feeling fresh sound and soft rhythm of this whole music will bring you inner peace, and will invite you to a beautiful world of Love and harmony.

Beauty is harmony, and Love is a source of healing and creation.

The abundant gifts from VENUS, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, will flow into your heart through this music.

Artist Profile

  • Shinji Chiura

    Born in Izumo city, Shimane prefecture, Japan. He got involved with performing art in Tokyo, and studied composite art. After studying performing art (dance, art, music) in N.Y., he moved his base to Washington. Through personal spiritual experiences, he got inspiration from natural wisdom, and was awaken to New Age Music. After coming back to Japan in 1986, he started visual/sound design. He deepened spiritual communion with nature in the studio at the bottom of Yatsugatake mountain, and established ANPAO label. One of his album [YOGA of Dreams-YOGA NIDRA 1]became a bestseller, and it is widely used by many YOGA studio. Since then, he is producing therapeutic healing music, and known as leading authority of New Age healing music in Japan. He has many fans in Japan, and established reputation for his exquisite and very detailed work of songwriting.

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