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[Lifetime reservation]
Precious,Maiko Nakamura
Lyrics/Taka Aoki,Maiko Nakamura,Precious
Compose&Arrangement/Taka Aoki
All Track Recorded/Taka Aoki
Mixed,Masterling/Taka Aoki
Produce by Taka Aoki(tiny step records)

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Lifetime reservation

iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP ALBUMS • France • TOP 13 • 27 Feb 2022

Lifetime reservation

Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Lao People's Democratic Republic • TOP 17 • 16 May 2022

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  • Precious

    諦めずに全力で伝え続けた男 Precious! 2009年自身の母親に向けた「あんたの背中」で徳間ジャパンよりメジャーデビュー 芸人、猫ひろし友情出演のミニアルバム、ナチュラリズムをリリース。 2010 年には名曲「wow war tonight ~時には起こせよムーヴメント」カバーをリリース 2011年、ビクターエンターテイメントより2度目のメジャーデビュー 「幸せにする+愛してる」「1/人生」は直球な歌詞で話題になりYoutube総再生回数 1200 万回を突破し た。 声帯を壊し、2012~2016 年まで手術とリハビリを繰り返し 2017 年再始動。 作詞作曲家とし「生きている事をまっすぐに歌で伝える」をモットーに活動している。

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  • Maiko Nakamura

    Maiko Nakamura is Japanese Soul Singer . She was born in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. Her father is Japanese , mother, Filipino-Spanish, she moved to Japan when she was three years old and grew up in Saitama. It was natural that Maiko raised her musical talent and started to sing since her parents had a great love of music and she was surrounded by Western music when she grew up. Despite such a musical advantage, she was so shy that one day her mother had to take Maiko out to Karaoke and urged her to sing out in front of their friends. Her mother taught her to foster a better communication with people by singing, to express herself out. At the age of seventeen, she won an audition and was chosen to be a featured singer from 4,300 applicants for a coming track "Because". Then the debut track recorded a million download sales since its release in 2008, became an extremely popular ballad song among Japanese young people. After releasing first mini album "CURE" in 2010 and collaboration track with CLIFF EDGE, Maiko had released first major album "The Answer" from King Records in 2011. She also joined to "m-flo TRIBUTE album" with the cover song "Let Go" which became a popular track along with her debut song "Because". In a couple of years releasing three major albums from Pony Canyon, her most singles had ranked into chats such as Rekochoku TOP 10 Songs, "Mada Sobani Itai" topped Rekochoku Monthly Ranking in August 2012. During the period, she also released many popular collaboration singles with R&B musicians such as SPICY CHOCOLATE, MAY'S, KG, WISE, Douji-T and many more. Her powerful and emotional vocal style, brilliance of technique and perfomance had propelled those songs to rank into digital track charts consecutively. In July 2015, Maiko was invited to guest singer at an Anime convention in Macau at the Fishermen's Wharf. Her performance gained extremely good reaction in there, demonstrated her musical Renamed from Maiko Nakamura to Mamenoyomi in December 2021. This song will be Maiko Nakamura's last song.

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    Maiko Nakamuraの他のリリース

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