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~ For a quiet time to face yourself ~
hope and joy, hymns to nature
Mayu Noha All original solo piano pieces
Includes 13 tracks including bonus track "sairin"

Artist Profile

  • Mayu Noha

    About Mayu Noha Pianist, Composer and Arranger Mayu was born in Fukuoka City in1974. She began playing the piano at the age of 4 and began writing her own songs at the age of 7. She is a graduate of the Department of Music (Piano Major) of the Faculty of International Cultural Studies at Kagoshima International University. Mayu began performing as a professional while in school before going to New York for training. After returning, she began performing across a wide variety of genres. While in Fukuoka, she performed as a goodwill ambassador in the sister cities of Bordeaux (France) and Atlanta (U.S.) as a pianist and composer. In 2000, she moved to Tokyo, where she has been involved in stage music production and commercial music production, expanding her activities both in Japan and abroad. After performing with Yasuko Ohki at an event in California, she became the pianist for her last album"Yasuko Ohki Sings Aznavour,"which was released by the pioneering chanson singer. In 2010, she moved to a more natural environment to devote herself to creating music. Mayu found her style after researching Schoenberg and other contemporary music, strengthening her groove approach by performing with Masaki Ueda, a leading figure in rhythm & blues, and others, and by studying with famous Japanese composer Teruyuki Noda. "They say true music has the power to inspire people's hearts. I'm in pursuit of expressing the sound I feel in nature and in compassion by following the teachings of my predecessors. I hope to continue sowing seeds of hope both in times of joy and sorrow."

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