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Separated (feat. ggoyle)

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This is a song produced by ggoyle and newly recorded on the album. As the title "Separated" suggests, the song sings about "we" who are "divided" and exploring their relationship with each other.

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Separated (feat. ggoyle)

Apple Music • Hip-Hop/Rap Top Videos • India • TOP 59 • 28 Feb 2023 Apple Music • Hip-Hop/Rap Top Videos • Taiwan • TOP 88 • 23 Jun 2023

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Separated (feat. ggoyle)

Apple Music • KICK UP VIDEOS • 16 Sep 2022

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  • maco marets

    Born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1995, he made his debut in 2016 with "Rallye Label" with the album "Orang.Pendek", track made and produced by Riki Azuma (Small Circle of Friends / Studio75). Since then, he has launched his own label, Woodlands Circle, and has been releasing albums consistently, including "KinŌ" (18), "Circles" (19), "Waterslide III" (20), and his latest, "WSIV: Lost in November" (21). In recent years, he has been featured on the TV program "Z's Choice". And he has also garnered attention for his work as the theme song for ETV's "Z's Choice" and collaborations with Maika Loubte, Shin Sakiura, LITE, maeshima soshi, Mime, and various other artists.

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