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For Greenery (Midori) Day


Movie, Photograghy

Hirofumi Nakamura

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Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Japan • TOP 7 • 25 Jun 2020 iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 13 • 25 May 2020 Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Thailand • TOP 195 • 1 Aug 2020

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Apple Music • Pure Focus • 12 Jun 2020

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  • Hirofumi Nakamura

    Hirofumi Nakamura started to play the piano when he is very young. Through his student days, he became a multi player, who can play the guitar, the bouzouki, the accordion and the mandolin. He is a member of several Celtic music bands in Japan, like tricolor, John John Festival, O'Jizo and so on. He also plays as support musician for several singers, bands and recordings. And besides, he composes and plays music for movie, drama and contemporary dance.

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