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This is the singing and dancing story of the beginning of Japanese mythology by Ekotumi. Female god, Izanami and male god, Izanagi have given birth to Japan by their marriage. This story told from the perspective of Izanami. Her life was filled with love and joy, and death and sorrow.... 'IZANAMI' from 'New Translation Kojiki series', a musical play and art performance that has been performed by Ekotumi in Japan and abroad to high acclaim. She reconstructed Japanese mythology, "the Kojiki book" in her own unique way and made it into a play, while writing lyrics and composing the songs in the play. She recreates the performance world to the recorded album. We recommend listening to this full album in the same order as the album recordings so that you can enjoy the performance as it is! Premiere concert : 22.3.2018 @Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo Revised edition : 29-30.11.2018 @Tokyo-Daijingu shrine/jinja, Tokyo Lithuania tour : 22.2.2019 @Šv. Kotrynosbažnycia church

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KOJIKI - Japanese mythology-

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  • Ekotumi

    Singer-songwriter, performer, novelist of Japanese mythology and folklore. She has developed the 'New Translation Kojiki series', a Japanese-style contemporary opera with an original interpretation of Japanese mythology, through songs and dances. Since 2015, she performs in concerts over the world, beginning with Europe. She also writes Japanese mythology long novels aside her singer career. She has also developed her activities as an artist and was granted the prize 'KDCC Northern Kyûshû digital creative contest' with her collaborative art with Anderson Sudario. Her performance video was chosen for the Berlin 'WomenCinemakers Biennial2018'. She was also chosen for the regional art festival MMM in 2020. Under the covid 19, she created 'Covid 19-20 project', a collection of musical work using soundscape of the current world affected by Corona, or else 'Spray chorus', a work of art playing her music when someone approaches the sprays of antiseptic solutions, and "Hologram Sukunabikona" of singing and dancing by herself to cross the border without real person. Shinto culture examination (Jinja-kentei) level 1 (highest).

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