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No, not today

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[Shunji Fujii / No, not today] ISR036 2022.01.14 Release !!!

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  • Shunji Fujii

    He started playing the piano at the age of 3 with his mother, a musician, and spent his childhood surrounded by music. Started jazz saxophone in his early teens. She has been active as a soloist in jazz circles in college, and she has a high-ranking history in national contests. On the other hand, she has a UK Garage / 2Step boom around 2000, Drum'N'Bass, Hip Hop, etc. Her teens are also strongly influenced by a wide range of club music genres. From 2018 she started making tracks in earnest. He incorporated many years of Jazz elements into UK Garage and Hip Hop. His jazz atmosphere and imaginative track make show his unique taste.

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