Ores (Remixes)

  1. Orbit (Remix) [feat. ji2kia]
  2. Travelin' (Remix) [feat. MASAHIRO KITAGAWA]
  3. Keep, One, Two (Remix) [feat. Mori Zentaro]
  4. Dreams (Remix) [feat. Qunimune]
  5. Telephone (Remix) [feat. NARISK]

"Ores (Remixes)" is the first remix album of Japanese beatmaker Asleep Archive.
The album includes remixes of tracks from his first album, Ores (2020), featuring guest remixers from ji2kia, MASAHIRO KITAGAWA, Mori Zentaro, Qunimune and NARISK.
MASTERING: yasu2000 (big turtle STUDIOS)

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Ores (Remixes)

iTunes Store • ダンス トップアルバム • 日本 • 29位 • 2020年4月10日

Asleep Archive

Asleep Archive is a Japanese beatmaker. In 2017 and 2019, he was chosen as a finalist in the "BEAT GRAND PRIX". ASLP is an independent record label based in Fukuoka, Japan founded by Asleep Archive in 2020.

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