Undead Angelica

  1. Tataeyo_gudon_no_ou
  2. Undead Angelica
  3. Cold Rain
  4. Revenger
  5. Beyond the limit
  6. Marionette_no_zousyo_hyou
  7. Dear Bellmer
  8. Grand Trine (Self Cover)
  9. Meteor
  10. Remaining
  11. Kudaseba_unmei_no_wa
  12. Nightmare Before Teaparty -Carroll-
  13. Alice on Deadline -Alice on the D String-
  14. Deus ex machina
  16. Nightmare Before Teaparty -Lewis-
  18. Hieta kokoro ni tousou wo (Self Cover)
  19. Sweety Girl (Self Cover)
  20. Love conception
  21. Dokushin_dansei_swimming_club
  22. Matsumoto Bon Dance

Rose&Rosary 4th album "Undead Angelica"
Visual kei band "Rose&Rosary" brings the fourth album with 22 tracks total on two discs. Their costume is by MAXICIMAM, a fashion brand placing its core base in Harajuku.

Past Rank In

Undead Angelica

iTunes Store • アニメ トップアルバム • 日本 • 76位 • 2020年1月25日

Matsumoto Bon Dance

iTunes Store • アニメ トップソング • アメリカ • 25位 • 2020年10月25日


We are Akiba-kei (Akihabara-style) rock band "Rose & Rosary" which is active in Japan. We are also a music production team that produces many theme songs and BGM for anime and games. SION who is on vocal and KURO who plays guitar are in charge of composition, and ZILL who plays Bass is in charge of recording and mixing. ZILL on Bass is also a sound director and recording engineer. He has also worked on many famous animations, such as "Kemono Friends" and "Gatchaman Clouds". We sing original songs and perform live performances while cosplaying. Please listen to animated live performances, hard rock and cool sounds! We are also looking for live performance requests and music production requests!

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