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Rainin' on my parade

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Singer-songwriter "sty", whose song "Don't break my heart" was selected by Spotify as one of the 50 best city pop songs of 2021, has released a new single, "Raining on my parade". The song is a love song with a warm neo-soul feel and light vocals, and is a Y2K style soul/R&B song that expresses the joyful feeling of falling in love. The song was written, composed, arranged, mixed, and mastered by him, and the artwork was designed by sty himself.

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Rainin' on my parade

iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Hong Kong • TOP 4 • 27 Jun 2023 iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 47 • 10 Sep 2022

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Rainin' on my parade

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  • sty

    sty [ pronounced as es-tee-wye ] is an award-winning Japanese J-POP music producer based in Tokyo, also a songwriter and a beatmaker who is notable for writing and producing Sandaime J Soul Brothers' no.1 Oricon hit song "R.Y.U.S.E.I." which won the 56th Japan Record Award (2014). He has also written and produced songs for Sandaime J Soul Brothers, SNSD/Girls' Generation, EXILE, Kumi Koda, BoA, BENI, Crystal Kay, Mamoru Miyano, VANNESS WU, Daichi Miura, Tomohisa Yamashita, BE:FIRST, ProducePandas and so on. With 15 years of expertise as a professional music producer, he also began his career as a fashionable singer and songwriter in 2021. His alternative and enigmatic musical style continues to expand his fan base, and his song "Don't Break My Heart" was selected as one of the 50 best City Pop songs of the year by Spotify in 2021.

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