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V-LIVER girls unit "BUSHILIVE" debuted on "17LIVE" in July 2023.
Her first original single, 'Rock Ryouran' is a powerful rock-style song that defies traditional idol norms.
It is brought to life through arrangements with traditional Japanese instruments, accentuating the passionate emotions and unique world view of BUSHILIVE.

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    The virtual talent streamer girls' unit of five women who live in this world, inheriting the aspirations of a war-torn world. We are able to aim because we live in the present world. It is because we live in this world that we can connect with each other. It is because we live in this life that we can realize our goals. The "unification of the country" is the goal of each of the five virtual talent streamers, who have inherited the aspirations of the great military commanders who have left their mark on Japanese history.

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