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  • RoastedCherryMarket

    A self-produced unit of identical twins born on November 28, 2000. Formed in September 2019 (18 years old at the time), debuted at a circuit event in Tokyo and worked in various fields such as live performances, talk events, MV appearances, dancers, etc. The first and last best in June 2020. Released the album "Hey, listen" and closed the business.From December 2021, we will start selling the ZINE "Games" through mail order, and after that, we will carry out mail order activities and live performances about once every six months called revival live. Mainly producing songs etc. is done by himself, and there are many forms in which the first lyric of the song is Fumi, and the second lyric is Yui. Choreography is often thought out by two people in a session format.

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