Light in the Dark Front Cover

Light in the Dark

Katsura CreaSion & OUNEY

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Katsura and OUNEY's first collaboration album.
Cosmic meditation
Harmony is on the program of these two vibrational energies which
transport us into a meditative dream, cosmic meditation.
Firstly OUNEY creates the atmospheres, and also plays the
percussion, guitars and multi synthesizers.
Then Katsura channels this dimension of high level cosmic energy
and, inspired by it, layers while improvising to Shakuhachi and with
her voice.
This alternative creative method has a close history with esoteric
Mahayana, Tibetan Buddhism and the spirit of the Native Americans.
It is the opening to travel through the senses in a Universe of
beneficial vibrations.
The seven titles were recorded at the Kamira Art studio in the
Dordogne valley near Périgueux in France.
This place has deep connections with Tibetan esoteric Buddhism and is a high-dimensional frequency energy spot.
The album that helps humans remember their soul's original
purpose and mission that they should have determined before
reincarnating on this earth and being reborn.
As soon as you listen these sounds, your soul can transcend
the limitations of your physical body and go on a journey filled with
cosmic energies with its higher dimensions, allowing you to achieve
full consciousness.
Let go in peace on a journey of the soul, towards the light.

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