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As a solo vocalist in Kansai OSAKA JAPAN, "Ayumi Uno" sings a wide range of genres such as Pops, R&B, and Jazz. The colorful scenes played by the soulful singing voice will surely pierce your heart.

(Recording Members)
Guitar:Akio Ino
Piano & Keyboards:U-zo Ohkusu
Bass:Katsuki Nakajima
Drums:Daishiro Kajiwara
Sax:Motoki Sugino (M8)
Percussion:Ayuko Ikeda (M5)
Chorus:Ayumi Uno, Akio Ino
Handclap:Akio Ino, melonpapa

Artist Profile

  • Ayumi Uno

    Born on September 1st from Shiga Prefecture. Lives in Osaka City. Graduated from CAT Music College High School. After graduating, she performed with her own band at live houses and events in Kansai. She is active in a wide range of genres such as Soul, Jazz, and Gospel. On July 30 2022, the 1st album -Natural Soul- was released. She travels all over the country, packing in her musical roots and searching for new ways to express herself. While regularly traveling abroad and working in a variety of genres, she utilizes her experience in activities both at home and abroad, and also works to train the next generation at vocational schools and private classrooms. Director of the gospel group -East Joyful Offering-. Host various other events. -Contests 2018/2019 Kobe Jazz Vocal Queen Contest Finalist 2019 Asakusa Jazz Contest Finalist -Radio and media appearances FMOSAKA FMKYOTO FMNOBEOKA

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