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Girls Don't Cry

Grey October Sound & RETRO SENPAI


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※ 著作権管理事業者等が管理する楽曲は試聴できません。

曲の始まりから今回のタイトル名を彷彿とさせる哀愁漂うアコースティックギターが見事に調和しており、深い感情を引き出す素晴らしい作品です。RETRO SENPAIの得意な繊細なアコースティックギターのメロディと心地よいシンセが心に残ります。聴衆を引き込み、静かな情熱が感じられます。今回の楽曲も非常に耳にも心地よく、気がついたらRETRO SENPAIの曲を何回も聴いてしまっていたと言う感覚になてしまうリスナーも多いのでは?聴いた方の心に必ず響くアコースティックギター特有の調べがあなたの心に残響の様に残ります。


  • Grey October Sound

    We are Mainly Engaged In Sound Source Production And Management. In Addition To That, We Are Focusging On Training And Supporting Newcomers. And Then, We Are Supporting New Generations Values And Creativity For Disseminate Japan's Creativity To The World. Many Of The Artists And Creators Involved With Us Are Talented People. We Operate The Entertainment Industry, Entertainment, Movie Music, Video Works, Goodies Production, General Design, PR, Fashion Brand Support, And Agent Business Of Overseas Artists In The Form Of Our Completion. And We Have Each Client Work With a Quality That Has Never Been Seen In Japanese Music Production. BCDMG Is Japan's Largest And Highest-Class Creator Group With Many Top-Class Producers / Creators In Japan. Since 2014, Rappers, IO, KEIJU, And DONY JOINT, Who Also Belong To KANDYTOWN, Have Joined To Further Expand The Range Of Activities. We Are Involved In A Many Of Important Works Centered On Domestic And Foreign HIP HOP Artists In The Production Work, And Continue To Send Out Many Works That Exceed 1 Million Views On Youtube. In 2012, The First E.P. "NUMBER8" Under The Name Of BCDMG In Collaboration With American Brilliant Producer B!NK, Who Is Also Known For Providing Music To JAY-Z. In 2014, BCDMG Was In Charge Of All The Music In The Movie "TOKYO TRIBE" Produced By Santa Inoue And Directed By Sion Sono, Which Attracted A Lot Of Attention. In March 2015, The Best Composer Category Of The Hong Kong International Film Festival Event "ASIAN FILM AWARD," Which Is Said To Be The Asian Academy Award. Nominated For His Work At TOKYO TRIBE. (Best Writer Award) In May 2015, The 2nd ALBUM "KING'S VIEW" Was Released Under The Name Of BCDMG, And In August 2016, The 3rd ALBUM "Fact Of Life" Was Released. At The Box Office, DAVE EAST And TY DOLLA SIGN Were Very Successful, Far Exceeding The Capacity Of The Past Performances In Japan. IO, Who Performed Live On Nike's Air MAX DAY And Is Also A Model For DIOR, Salvatore Ferragamo, CALVIN KLEIN, etc., Was Released from Def Jam Recording In Universal Music. Bleecker Crome's 2019 EP Is Ranked 5th Overall On iTunes. Many Other Artists Belong to it. In 2020, We Will Launch a Label Centered On Instrumental Called Gray October Sound From +809 In Warner Music.


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