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The music will be released bi-weekly. Every song has a different color and emotion. When all songs are overlapped, an album that representing 'ELLEY' will be completed. This is the first single of the project. 'To U' is singing emotion for loved ones. You can hear messages colored warm red. Ordinary days are changing because of 'you', everything is colored and changed clearly because of 'your existence'. This song has a bright and relaxing tune of country. You can hear the warm harmony, which is one of the charms of ELLEY.

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    ELLEY is a singer-songwriter who has a voice the world over. She started to learn piano at 4. Covering a 9 year period since 3, she participated first and second album of 'Tricycle', single of 'Scenery On Bicycle', both are Korean folk group, as a child vocal and chorus, and also she appeared in a concert too. She experienced and studied choir, guitar, vocal and acappella until she graduated from college, using her unprecedented sensitivity. Recent days, she is rated high as a creator making music, writing the lyrics by 3 languages(English, Korean, Japanese), Chorus arrangement and so fourth. She composed 'HYPNO', the ending theme of Japanese animation 'Caligula', 'Ato Ippo' by Sachika Misawa who is a voice actor of Japan, 'Call Me Sick' the theme of Japanese film 'God of Novels', and composed, arranged, wrote lyrics of 'Blind Mind', song of MORISAKI WIN who is a actor of Japan. Having absolute pitch, she create complicated harmony, and her independent world and voice have mysterious charm cross the border of generation and nation. Her voice changes expression and temperature each song, so it makes people want to listen to her voice over and over. ELLEY is a artist having voice touching world over.

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