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TONNKO(Akai Tonko) composed and completed all songsby herself in this abum. TONNKO's 2nd album. She got over the death of her parents and wrote a song named "You are in my heart". All songs has a lot of love inside. She couldn't be here if she were alone. She wrote them thinking of precious people who are her friends, parents and her fans. Her angel voice tell you love through those 5 songs here. The great ballads album.

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Let's fly together

Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Estonia • TOP 48 • 5 Feb 2023

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    TONNKO(Akai Tonko) Japanese Self-producer & Singer songwriter. She is doing songwriting, composing, mixing, mastering, hair&make up, until total Jacket design. Now she is working together with Tetsurou Natsume on her songs since 2017. Her debut was her Single CD "One more night" by TOSHIBA EMI in 2005. She got hit in TOP 10 of whole Japan and she expanded activities to the world. Her voice was called "Angel voice"and she got a lot of offers from many countries such as Europe, USA, India and Hong Kong. Her voice has a special frequency which makes you relaxed and heartwarming. So innocent and pure voice captures your heart. after she returned her base in Japan 2012, she mentally stopped her activities because of the death of her manager in front of her. But She was back in 2017. After a while, she married with Tetsurou Natsume (music producer) and start their label "T Music Japan" in this professional music business. And now her song is arranged by him and make a song together. TONNKO world music is so alive!

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