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This is the best selection album selected from "The Mess Of The After Moon", released by the artist name, "Cat Moon Girl", by DD.Records as DT147, in 1983 and from "AkzeleratioN" released by the artist name,"CATHOUSE", by the label name, "Selective Excitation Pulse Records - SEP-002", also in 1983.
"AkzeleratioN" was also released as "ACCELERATION/CATDOG" by DD.Records(DT168) in the same time, but the musical selection was slightly arranged.
Ovarialcysto are clouds of sound produced by repeated echo and copy.
"Mess Of The After Moon", the last song of the album, "AkzeleratioN", and the last song of the album, "The Mess Of The After Moon", are the same recording.
The original package designs of "AkzeleratioN" and "The Mess Of The After Moon" were made by TOMO's typesetting photo prints.

Cat Moon Girl members:
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Sitar - R. Debuchi
Vocals - Kahoru S.
Synthesizer - Masaru O.
Percussion, Toy Piano - Junko I. (not play in this album)
Special Thanks to - Furukawa-kun

Artist Profile


    Formed in 1982 at Fukuoka, Japan. Producing handmade instruments and effectors, releasing casette albums which package themselves are also artworks, holding live performances using frequently handmade instruments and guiter improvisation,releasing a vinyl record. Releasing the casette albums by DD.Recoirds at the same time.

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