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KOTO Artist Rie Asai `s BrandNew Digital Single 2023

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Asia ~Awakening~

iTunes Store • Enka TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 22 • 30 Jun 2023 Apple Music • Enka Top Songs • Australia • TOP 32 • 22 Apr 2024

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  • Rie Asai

    Rie Asai Deputy representative of Koto Chikage. "Koto Artist", Master of Ikuta School. Born in Nagoya, Japan. Received an early start on the koto and the sangen under her mother, Tamiko Asai (Regional Person of Cultural Merit, Aichi Prefecture). She has appeared in many media programs, including TV program "Hogaku no Hitotoki" on NHK, "Gigei Seizui" produced by Aichi Prefecture, Bayon TV in Cambodia, and pictorial magazine for women "Fujin Gaho". As president of Asia Resource Connection Inc., she has been involved in many Japanese traditional cultural events, including the Cambodian Arts Festival in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of ASEAN, the Japan Cultural Festival at the Vienna State Opera in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Japan and Austria, and "Edo no Gion Festival" dedicated to Asakusa Shrine, "Himakajima Beach Festival 2021" for the "ARTS for future!" project of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA with distinction) from the University of Wales, U.K.. Completed a research course at the Graduate School of Education, the University of Tokyo. She is also active in social contribution activities. Received the Minister of Foreign Affairs Award from the Outstanding Young Persons Award, JCI-Japan. NPO Fellow of the Japan Foundation, Center for Global Partnership.

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