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Has-ki, a rapper based in Fukuoka Prefecture, has released a remix of his song "Boost!" with Gerardparman. This song, which has a stronger bass, has been remixed in a Jersey style, and is sure to become a must-have tune at clubs.

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  • Has-ki

    Started freestyle at the age of 14, and started writing songs in earnest at the age of 16. Released 1st EP "One sided" under the name of "Hasuki" in August 2021. The recorded "Summer Colors" will be featured in the "Fukuoka Collective" playlist. After renaming it to "Has-ki", was released in October. Choreography is also made on tiktok and used for BGM. In January, he released his 1st album "# Super Chill Rapper". In addition, he also produces collaborations with Vocaloid P, and is active beyond the range of genres.

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  • gerardparman

    Born in 1993, Gerardparman works as a rapper, DJ, and producer, releasing mix CDs on an irregular basis, and a number of tracks that interpret the latest modes from his own label, Melo Soda. is gaining a lot of attention as a producer of

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