Turning Point (Home Recording Version)

  1. T.M.B!!!
  2. Sunday Cabin
  3. Turning Point

Keyboardist, a pianist who is also active as a composer and arranger, supporting various bands and artists
"Akito Shirai" is the first solo work by himself!

I was also in charge of mix and mastering, and finished with a variety of songs and arrangements that will not get tired of the listener.

Also, this is a wonderful guest musician,
Yuya Koguchi (Guitar), Takayuki Murata (Bass),
Shingo Tanaka (Bass), Satoshi Bandoh (Drums),
and marina (Chorus) participated remotely!

It is a self-confidence work that took a whole month during the self-restraint period!
Please listen to it! !

Akito Shirai

Akito Shirai / Born June 25, 1988 / Piano and Keyboard player, Composer and Arranger, Synthesyst. From the age of 9, he received numerous excellent awards in the competition, including the electone. He started jazz piano at the age of 17 and started professional activities at the age of 20. Since then, he has participated in Masato Honda Band, Tetsuo Sakurai Band, Satoshi Bandoh Bando Band, etc. Being selected as a support member of T-SQUARE from 2019. He also participated in the recording of "AI Factory". So far, I have been in charge of supporting, recording and arranging various artists such as AKB48, Leo ieiri, KANJANI8, Jaejoong, Kana Nishino, Komi Hirose, Eikichi YAZAWA, T-SQUARE, LiSA, and XIA JUNSU. He has also performed many TV appearances, BGM productions, and CM recordings. Also, in parallel with many session work, artist activities are being developed, In 2012, as a member of "Yukei Rampage", released a major view album "Tangible World Reconstruction" from Pony Canyon (* Withdrew in July 2017) In 2014 and 2015, as a member of the new sensational piano trio, "HAKUTSURUYAMA", King Records released "IIKKON KENJOU" and "SAMURAI GOLD", which were well received. While still active in various units and bands, June 2020 Released his first solo EP "Turning Point"

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Akito Shirai