ambient works

  1. Less Than Clear
  2. The Ocean Depth
  3. Reflected Heat
  4. The Spheres
  5. Wet Jungle
  6. Indefinite Articles
  7. Beyond The End
  8. The Flower's Secret
  9. Java
  10. Yulama

The electric ambient music of Kaneko Aska & Mitsuto Suzuki: waves of energy; re-experience the universal source.----------------

yuLa emerged from the intermingling of Aska Kaneko and Mitsuto Suzuki, yet I feel the sound emanates from an extremely basic root source. There is something here that makes me think I 'm hearing echos of songs crafted in antiquity. Even though yuLa was built entirely from electronics, the album is flooded with natural energy. It was mixed so that it can be played at incredibly high volume. Please try it on your own system! If that is not possible, headphones are also a good option. While so much of our current airspace is saturated with mid-high frequency music, yuLa reverberates with a wonderfully comfortable, wide open tone. I suggest you might try making a companion of yuLa during your meditation or yoga practice.

Shinichi Akagawa (Recording Engineer)

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ambient works

iTunes Store • エレクトロニック トップアルバム • カナダ • 10位 • 2020年4月17日 Apple Music • エレクトロニック トップアルバム • フィンランド • 16位 • 2020年2月1日 iTunes Store • エレクトロニック トップアルバム • アメリカ • 100位 • 2020年1月30日


yuLa is unit of Aska Kaneko(E/vn) and Mitsuto Suzuki(syn/computer). Aska Kaneko At age four, she started studying violin and piano. Aska's unique improvisational style may be linked to her outdoor childhood practice sessions in dialogue with nature. Aska began experimenting with the electric violin, performing with professional rock bands even as she continued her classical studies at a performing arts prep school. Critiques have written that Aska's electric violin can seem to be in dialogue with the heavens themselves. The uncanny, energy-packed waves emanating from her electrified strings beckon the listener toward a nearly forgotten primeval space. Aska had contributed to countless studio recordings and concert tours in Japan and abroad. She performs with her group Gaia Cuatro, a Japanese-Argentinian combo and she leads a large strings group, Aska Strings. She has worked on numerous theatrical productions; her latest musical direction was on "Caligula" performed at the New National Theater in late 2019.(Synthesizer manipulation by Mitsuto Suzuki.) Discography: 27 CD released in a wide range of genres. A-Un "Space & Energy" - Feb.2020: scheduled for release on Lay-line records, Gaia Cuatro "Lucrecia" - April: 2020: scheduled for release on abeat records(in Italy) Mitsuto Suzuki : Synthesizer/Computer Some would say Mitsuto Suzuki must be a sorcerer as he has the power to breath life into inorganic electronic sounds. His soundscape can make you believe that you are floating on a transparent ocean of tranquility. In the next moment you are spun around and discover you're caught up in a swirling sea of madness. To create these wonders he turns to his much loved analog synthesizers, a Juno106 Custom and Prophet 5. Mitsuto Suzuki currently has several projects ongoing: an ambient unit (yuLa), an electronics unit (Mojera), etc. The music Mitsuto constructs often seem to balance a deep stillness with a sense of movement, providing the listener with a counterintuitive outlook that lingers even after the last note has evaporated into the air. Of course, Mitsuto Suzuki has been the force behind the music in numerous computer games. For years he has been blending his talents with the creative energies of Kaneko Aska's violin and strings arrangements. Suzuki edits and freely weaves sound files together, creating novel phrasing with his unique editing sense. The results have been of singular acclaim. Discography: Released two solo albums after Electric Satie and OVERROCKET. Mojera - March, 2020: scheduled for release on the independent label "Mojera Files & Records."

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