to the mountains beyond

  1. Medusozoa
  2. Dum Vivimus Vivamus
  3. Echinoidea
  4. Biological Cicer
  5. Ambystoma mexicanum
  6. Mysterium
  7. Hippocampus
  8. Cogoherium
  9. Translucent scent

An interactive dialogue session of two Tokyo-based musicians .

Tatsu, the bassist, has been a well-known player / producer in the pop scene since the dawn of Ska-punk in Japan.

Kunikazu Tanaka, the saxophonist, is truly a borderless musician and has established himself as a soloist / improviser.

Both have performed at many major festivals and tours both in Japan and abroad and have been challenging to expand the world of expression as a duo.


Improvisational musical conversation between two famous musicians(bass & sax) who have been active in the Japanese music scene for many years. Please enjoy their magical performance along with the spatial atmosphere.

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