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歌詞の内容も環境の変化に対する不安から脱却し、新しい自分へと変わる様を描いていて、『アナと雪の女王』の劇中に、ERENAが「レット・イット・ゴー」を歌うシーンが想起される。 そしてERENA特有のゴスペルと高い表現力で歌い上げ、ミュージカルさながらの大迫力の映像が頭に思い浮かび、ERENAの世界へと引き込まれる。

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    Born in Kumamoto but actually living in Fukuoka, new 18 years old 3-octave vocal range skilled singer ERENA. She started self-studying singing when she was still at elementary school, started playing the piano at the same age and is currently going to a singing vocational school to keep improving her vocal technique even more. Appart from a very rich singing style, she's able to easily cheer up everyone who listens to her beautiful voice as well as showing a true feeling of empathy, kindness and courage. Her range goes from J-pop and R&B to even gospel, being her main influences artists like May J., Niizuka Seiko, Christ Hart, Little Glee Monster, Ariana Grande... Aiming to become a singer that can touches everyone's heart someday, this little amazing singer is just about to bloom like the sunflowers she loves.

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