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Everyone thinks about the meaning of emo.

Emotions, shapes, temperature, fashion, sound, words, shapes, etc.

There is no correct answer to the definition, but this work incorporates Filix Wang 's emo into music.

Negativity enough to pull, subservient, indecisive, tear fragility, selfishness, too thin, etc...

Everything is Filix Wang's emo, and the words and melodies born from the time spent fluffy with his personality and self-righteousness are really included in the work now. I want to incorporate a lot of alternative elements and pay attention to experimental digital sound.

The guest performance is izolma, ice sweets made. And fozen and joalisho participated in the beat maker.

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Spotify • Edge! • 17 Apr 2024

king of emo

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Artist Profile

  • Filix Wang

    Filix Wang (Chinese name: Wang Taizi) Started activities in 2014. It skillfully manipulates three languages, English, Chinese, and Japanese, and has a wide sound range that switches between a bass voice with a core and a clear treble. Based on the cloud in Greater China, it is a hot topic in TikTok (Chinese version of TikTok) and NetEase Cloud Music. In Japan, he has been in Tokyo since 2023 and is based in Tokyo and is energetically performing live and releasing. In December 2023, he released a collaboration single "SAKURA" with BHS Svve and collaborated with domestic and foreign artists.

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