Invisible Water

  1. Falcon
  2. Tian Shui Jing
  3. Share My Eyes With You

Songwritten by Peng Liu
Music By FAZI
June 2019
Recorded by Dazhi Wang/Sen Yang
At TimeString Studio,Xi'an


FAZI's music draws on the minimal rhythms of Krautrock and the abrasive rituals of Post-Punk. On stage, they're like a perpetual motion machine, churning out music that hits their audience in the heart and in the lungs, communicating a vibe that's lonely yet forbearing, simply and powerfully reaching straight to the heart. To date, FAZI has released four studio albums and five EPs. Following successful tours in Asia,Europe and the US, they will continue down their particular artery of avant-garde rock, tirelessly seeking their own version of "the East."

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