MUSE FUSION Super Technique

  1. MUSE has coming
  2. Geroppa!
  3. Sky wave (Fusion Remix)
  4. New life (Fusion Remix)
  5. Passion
  6. Sax feel
  7. Spy
  8. Pentatonix
  9. Brave
  10. Tequila
  11. Love Stream (Fusion Remix)
  12. Relaxing for me (Fusion Remix)

[MUSE FUSION Super Technique]
Live performance music

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Apple Music • インストゥルメンタル トップソング • ハンガリー • 10位 • 2020年2月18日


Music Unit Sound Effect "MUSE" On the show "Music Life" of Internet TV Net channel KYO Gokigen sound Mayumi Kyo & Hirakazu Kyo is to deliver! Cover a wide range of genres from Fusion to healing. As there were a couple units of breath Around the world to me to have a fan.

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