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  • Ryuichi Takumi

    (Google translation) Singer-songwriter (Soul, R&B, HipHop) Born in Fukuoka prefecture. At that time, music supported me.She has been listening to a wide range of music since childhood, but she especially liked R&B and soul music, which are characterized by screaming.At the age of 18, she started writing and composing songs with the live video of Stevie Wonder she saw on YouTube. I bought a personal computer on loan and made a song with cheap equipment on the market. Around the age of 19, he recovered from his setbacks and went to Tokyo and Tokyo to start his life again in a city where he had no acquaintances.At the same time, she began her music career in earnest. His weakness, emptiness, loneliness, affection, tenderness, and touch at that time create a song for "singersongwriter Takuryuichi."He now writes, composes, and arranges his own songs.Life-size songs and soulful singing voices will surely move many people's hearts. main work 2021 1st album Mettyakiitehoshiittyakedo0 release (Most of the songs in this album are recorded at home and mixed mastering by myself because I didn't have money when I was 18-19 years old.) Participate in MC Michi's work Airplane as featuring EP Octopus Streaming Distribution From 2022 Invite rapper DraG∞N to make Dawning streaming distribution EP Waiting for you Streaming 4 songs From 2023 album title song YOLO advance delivery

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