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The album features a total of 13 songs, most of which are covers of jazz trumpeter Nini Rosso's worldwide hit Trumpets in the Night Sky.

Although young people are not familiar with Nini Rosso, there are many baby boomers who still fondly remember his masterpieces, and even in this age when new things come out one after another, he is a very rare presence who remains burned in the eyes and ears as a great trumpet star. I believe that his beautiful melodies, which symbolize the period from postwar reconstruction to rapid economic growth, will never fade away and resonate deep in the hearts of people of all ages and genders, even today. By reviving these classic songs in the modern age, we hope that listeners will remember the good old days and be energized for tomorrow.

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    Chihiroyamazaki+ROUTE14band are SatoshiYamashita(Drums),ChihiroYamazaki(Trumpet), KojiYamamoto(Bass),HanaTakami(Keyboards),Miz(guitar) Chihiro Yamazaki (tp) started a band with Satoshi Yamashita (dr), Koji Yamamoto (Ba), Hana Takami (Key) in summer 2010. Their unique sound witch is called "Singing Instruments" based on Instrumental Pop came from many different back grounds such as jazz, fusion, classical and rock.

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