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The new single "Daijobu" by "lj", a member of Himeji's crew MaisonDe, and "7", a finalist of rap star birth 2023, will be released on August 30th. This is the first collaboration between the two, who are currently attracting a lot of attention from the Japanese hip-hop industry. With a reggaeton-inspired summery taste, this beat was created by beatmaker Homunculu$ and is sure to be one of the trending songs this summer. This song, which was made for people who care about each other, such as family members, friends, and lovers, will strike people of all generations regardless of gender or age. The strong message, the comfortable singing voices of the two, and the sense of rhythm captivate the listener's ears. I'm full of desire to deliver this song, which I listen to twice and three times, not only in Japan, but also to overseas hip-hop fans.

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