1. Be the winner
  2. handle
  3. The moon, the sea
  4. Friend
  5. Rainbow school bag

Second-year high school student in Kobe, singer-songwriter

This is Yasuga Hashimoto

He sings and plays at long-established live houses in Kobe, Osaka, and live on streets in various places.

Entered the "Teen White Paper" tournament at the age of 17. More than 10 original songs are in production.

Original CD release and YouTube (Eastern Sumaband Yasushi Hashimoto) are also up.
Shimane Izumo's street live trip, Tenshiba a cappella festival, Tokyo LaLaport Toyosu solo live,
Appeared on radio Kansai, rented Kobe Futaba school building and hosted high school band festival
Aiming at free music arts where music, performances and arts fuse, we continue our music activities.

From elementary school to the present, actively search for stages, rent instruments and search for used instruments

Aim for red and white participation in high school while overcoming various aspects!

I made a lot of original songs that would please many people,

We aim at music & artist activities that can be widely heard!

Doing new things steadily, to the uncharted territory! !


A 16-year-old high school student wrote words, composed music, arranged music, and recorded everything on his own. Unparalleled creative lyrics and shuffle songs that are natural and comfortable! Sensibility that shines lively! Please enjoy the deep and gentle bass vocals.

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