Change the World Again

  1. Change the World Again (feat. Hiroshi Takano & Ikuko Harada)
  2. Change the World Again (Instrumental)

Tomoyuki Tanaka known as FPM = Fantastic Plastic Machine releases the second single, featuring Hiroshi Takano and Ikuko Harada as vocalists, under his real name.

Tomoyuki Tanaka

DJ / producer Born on July 06, 1966. Come from Kyoto, JAPAN. FPM, Formerly known as Fantastic Plastic Machine is world renown DJ/Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka's solo project. His original style of mixing dance music with his own roots music is highly regarded internationally. He has played in about 100 cities throughout the world. Besides releasing 8 original albums, the new album "Scale" including "I was in love" sampled 10cc's "I'm not in love" is now on sale from avex. He also plays an active part in various fields such as music of the LOUIS VUITTON's animation films "SUPERFLAT MONOGRAM", "SUPERFLAT FIRST LOVE" by Takashi Murakami, and music of DANCE-MUSIC-CLOCK "UNIQLOCK" which won the grand prix at all of the world's best 3 advertising awards, and new blog parts by UNIQLO called "UNIQLO CALENDAR". Moreover, his song 'Bachelor Pad' is featured in the movie "Austin Powers -the spy who shagged me-", and some other songs is used at the world famous TV drama "Sex and the City". In 2014, he organized his old friend Howie B's Japanese tour who is known as a producer of Bjork, U2 etc. Also FPM remixed his song 'Master Inch Mile Haunch' in his latest album.

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