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Rearrange the popular song "Crescendo Rain" from the single "Tsutomu San" delivered in 2018 and start singing again. In particular, the sound has been made according to the present age, but it is finished as a music that has something nostalgic. The lyrics are released on Uta Mappu.

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  • Tsutimu San

    Activities began in 1993. It is strongly influenced by the unit "TM NETWORK" led by Tetsuya Komuro, and forms an encounter unit with AKIRA who was also affected. The base of activities is Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Kyushu · Yamaguchi and the strait intercourse activity. Also, at that time, influenced by the Tokyo Performance Doll that was popular, formed a unit that can be said to be the forerunner of local idol early. Currently the unit is out of action, but Tsutomu San has been working with one person, sound logo, commercial music, local idol We arrange and arrange handwriting, songwriting, composition and arrangement of our own works, download sales.

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