Dog'n' Dolls Front Cover

Dog'n' Dolls



Dog'n' Dolls

  1. Dog'n' Doll
  2. Amethyst Green
  3. 4x4 Matrix
  4. Dry Song
  5. Russian Tea
  6. Fried Kitchen
  7. Birds in my Brain (#1)
  8. Birds in my Brain (#2)

This is the best selection album from two cassette albums by CATDOG, "Dog'n' Doll"(released in 1982) and "Drip Drop"(released in 1983).

"Dog'n' Doll" (edited version), "Amethyst Green", and "Fried Kitchen", are from the album, "Dog'n' Doll", "4x4 Matrix", "Dry Song", "Russian Tea", and "Birds in my Brain", are from the album, "Drip Drop".

"Dog'n' Doll" was sold at record shops as a cassette tape packed into a packaging envelope for mail, and "Drip Drop" was sold as a cassette tape sealed with colorful gouache and packed in two sheets of vinyl sheets.

Also, "Dog'n' Doll" was released by DD. Records as DT92, and "Drip Drop" was released as DT192 at the same time.

Special Thanks to - Yousuke Inagaki


Formed in 1982 at Fukuoka, Japan. Producing handmade instruments and effectors, releasing casette albums which package themselves are also artworks, holding live performances using frequently handmade instruments and guiter improvisation,releasing a vinyl record. Releasing the casette albums by DD.Recoirds at the same time.

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