1. namikazewomatoinagara

Tsutomu Sakamoto, who will be debuting 37 years this year, continues to produce an album planned for collaboration with various artists, artists and players this autumn,

The lyrics of "The Cruel Angel's Thesis" were released before, and recently the book was written by Nyoko Oikawa. "Singer Stomu Sakamoto. 57 years old, the second half of my life. Originally popular in the world. It's an age when people are retiring from retirement as a career, but as a singer, Tsutomu Sakamoto, who hasn't yet pursued his dream and hasn't achieved it, rather, the next story of his life begins after he wears the waves. I wrote an adult story," says Oikawa. An AOR (Adult Oriented Rock) medium ballad that is filled with adult sadness and a sense of life.


Singer/Composer/Lyrics/Actor/Talent Born January 24 in Aichi Prefecture In 2018, as an actor on the 35th anniversary of singer life, I challenged movies, theatres, dramas, etc.From March 2019 for 7 weeks, WOWOW PLUS MUSIC Kayo Pops Channel broadcasts the document program ``Lonely Rock and Roller'' by Tsutomu Sakamoto Ru 21 CDs announced, including songs The debut song is "I'm sorry..." (TBS Tokoro's Wah Wah Boo Boo insert song) Appeared in a CM role in the role of Gin in the Hudson game "Momotaro Electric Railway"

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