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A song to mark the beginning of the D 20th Anniversary Year. The two major elements that D should be proud of, Vampire x Flag, are expressed with a magnificent view of the world. The final holy war by the righteous vampire army. Raise the flag of each corps and win the Battle of the Holy war of the Roses in LIVE! In addition, the feelings for the fans are superimposed on the roses.

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    Since July 2011, he has returned to his own company, GOD CHILD RECORDS, and has been active. From July 28th, the single [Torikago Goten ~ L'Oiseau bleu ~] will be released at the official mail order (domestic and overseas) and live venues only, and a national tour will be held. In the final Akasaka BLITZ, live broadcast worldwide on USTREAM. In November 2011, he released the album [Fandy ~ Reward Born in the Dark ~], after which he actively participated in domestic and international events, held a national tour. After that, the second EU tour, and the first Toured South America with great success. 2012, Spring Yoshimoto Creative. Exclusive contract with agency [Y-YARD]. May 30, 2012, single [Dying message] released. Then, on July 18, 2012, the single [Gunner of Condemnation] was released. On November 14, the album [Namo naki Mori no Yume Narrator] was released. In April 2013, we held a Special Premium Live [Bon Voyage!] At Shibuya Public Hall to celebrate the 10th anniversary, and announced a re-major contract with Victor Entertainment and a social game of Vampire Story. In addition, he will carry out an unusual 10 Days LIVE and significantly update his own continuous LIVE record. And in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the formation, the best albums are released from each company. GOD CHILD RECORDS / D 10th Anniversary GOD CHILD RECORDS Best Selection [Treasure Box]. avex trax / [Bloody Rose "Best Collection 2007-2011"]. Victor Entertainment / [D Vampire Chronicle ~ V-Best Selection ~]. The major singles from Victor [Rosenstrauss] and [DARK WINGS] continue to grow in sales and are attracting attention. At the end of 2013, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL one-man, he announced that he will be touring his first 47 prefectures. In 2014, the contract with Y-YARD expired. The latest single [Tsuki no Sakazuki] was released on July 23, 2014, and the long-awaited FULL ALBUM [KINGDOM] was released by CJ Victor Entertainment on November 12, 2014 for the first time in about three and a half years. The Maihama Amphitheater performance of the 47 prefecture tour finals was sold out, and the tour ended with great success. The one and only unique world view created by D is loved by Director Tim Burton.

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