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for all dirties

  1. humming bird
  2. loose night blues
  3. slum
  4. rude mood
  5. deny
  6. Queen in the limousine
  7. the big man
  8. algum dia
  9. waltz for pain
  10. CODE
  11. run away in the rain

for all dirties 1st album is finally here !!! Many of the songs suggests the breadth of musical knowledge and an exquisite sense of balance of Duke. From hard tunes to ballads, gem of all 11 songs that extruded the guitar-sound on the whole surface !!

for all dirties

Solo project of japanese rock guitarist "Duke", that has no specific members. Absorbing the essence of great past ROCK MUSIC, and features extruding the guitar sound on the entire surface. The name of this project "for all dirties" is a coined word that means "for all things or persons that got be dirty". All songs written by Duke,and created by Duke. ◆all music & words:Duke ◆all arrangement:Duke ◆Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal, Chorus, Bass, Drums Programming, Percussion, Audio Edit:Duke

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