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A double name EP by rapper Hibiki and beat maker zyagyo will be released on February 28.

The EP is a powerful spit of anger and a thirst for success in a sound that is centered on UK hip-hop, club music, and dance music, rather than the trap sound that is currently mainstream in hip-hop.
The consistency of the sound is further enhanced by the fact that all songs were produced by two co-writers, from beat-making to mastering, which makes the concept of the EP even more compelling.
The artwork was also directed by the two artists, and the bluish tones and cold-eyed photographs emphasize the cold atmosphere of the EP as a whole, and the jacket shows the artists' own boiling emotions.
The first track, Solids Intro, was created with reference to the electronic subgenre of Gabba. After an impressive intro with a sub-bass that crawls on the ground, Gabba runs through the track with an impressive distorted kick.
The distorted vocals with a sense of speed, rapping about his own anger and frustration as his emotions take over, drive the listener's heart.
The second track, Solids, is a jungle/drum'n'bass reference that is slowly experiencing a revival as of 2024.
The track's intense jungle beat is swept away by a cold synthesizer hook and swiped-down 808s, and the distorted synths are followed by a rapid-fire beat that is a metaphor for the ego running amok as the fast raps themselves pound out their anger and ego.
The third track, Local, is a reference to the grime genre that has developed mainly in the UK.
The earthy drums, danceable drum patterns, and rhythmic bass over which the song is rapped confront the values of locality in hip-hop culture, expressing the questioning of an environment that has become exclusive and the struggle of not fitting in. The fourth track, DND feat.
The fourth track, DND feat. TERU, is a reference to Drill, which is derived from hip-hop and has also made its way into pop music.
The title "DND" is an abbreviation of "Do Not Disturb," which directly translates to "do not disturb.
It expresses the two rappers' pride in being alone and their struggle to achieve their ideals.
The fifth track, So What? started with the idea of creating a song that combines Afrobeat and 2step.
This song expresses the craving more easily by using many phrases that give a glimpse of life, such as the need for a scholarship or a soundproof room.
The song is comfortable to listen to by approaching the rhythmic Afrobeat with excellent rap skills.

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Apple Music • イツマデモフレッシュ by Coming Freshers • 29 Feb 2024

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  • Hibikiii

    Rapper and beat maker from Kyoto, Japan. He is known for his delicate lyrics and skillful style of seamlessly flowing between singing and rapping. In October 2020, he released the single "Letter" on 100byKSR, a project organized by KSR Corp. and in August 2021, he released the EP 20+1, distributed by ULTRA-VYBE, which is included in 20+1. Baby feat. NeVGrN is an indie artist who has been selected for many playlists including Apple Music's official playlist and Pluto Selection (Biweekly). Also DIY artist who mixes, masters, and creates the artwork for almost all of his work. This is an automatic translation so it may be wrong lol.

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