1. Escargot
  3. Koo Ju
  4. RAID!
  5. Mooiikai?
  6. Sunamajiri No Kamata


Although it was a completely different type of business, four people who had a relationship since before are formed in the spring of 2017, when GONGON had been absent from music activities, having an all-you-can-drink & rice party in front of Shibata Station and having a studio session in play. Other than GONGON, other than GONGON, the famous artist's voice trainer Eriko (C), the famous artist's concert producer's room (Ba), and the trainer who operates a gym to train a wide audience from children to housewives. Kentaro (Dr) and each have unique and unique CAMA fields. Sound vision aims at ROCK which mixed the sandy wilderness and the clear coastline.

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