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4th release "time" released for 6 consecutive months
Time passes by like the flow of water, and the color of passionate feelings and pain fades away.
Even in the midst of all this, if you realize the essence that will never disappear, just raise your fist and shout.
If that's you, just muster up the courage and tell yourself to wake up.
A song that incorporates S.H's true value, the wasteful passion, in its entirety, in order to inspire those who face adversity.

Artist Profile

  • S.H

    A singer-songwriter born in Tokyo and active in Kanagawa Prefecture. It has a slightly addictive melody that is difficult to categorize, and a sense of unnecessary heat. It's basically rock, but there are also pop-style songs, and there are many melodies that remind you of the 90s. He creates music with the motto of music that makes the listener feel positive.

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