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A song in praise of the human nature that always seeks new things and the history that has continued to create a new era with its own hands.
It's about the fun and preciousness of groping our way through the unexplored world, chewing through sharp turns and ups and downs.
The song expresses Zinee&issei's vision of a bright future.

The song is in Shoubun's signature House style, with a pleasant four-piece kick as the main instrument. This time, he also played the sax solo.
Zinee and issei's light vocals and massive chorus combine with the fast-paced, authentic dance music with a somewhat sacred sound to create a work that feels like a grand world.

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iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 37 • 31 Mar 2022

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Spotify • Soul Music Japan • 30 Mar 2022 Spotify • Pop Rising Japan • 4 Apr 2022 Spotify • Best New Music: DIGLE SOUND • 4 Apr 2022 Spotify • Monday Spin • 4 Apr 2022 Spotify • 最Hit東洋榜 • 1 Apr 2022 Spotify • New Music Wednesday • 30 Mar 2022

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  • Zinee&issei

    "Zinee&Issei", an one and only duo of two talented singers released their 1st single "¥200" on March 18, 2020. Exploring a variety of genres including R&B and Hip Hop, they are known for their powerful vocals, inquiring mind to always dive into new music and outstanding talents. Based in Tokyo, they never cease to attract us with their world-class music. In June, they produced and provided the official OP song for a star-rising YouTuber, "Briana Gigante", who now has a vibrant audience of over 90,000 subscribers. While gaining a lot of attention, they released the premier single "M.U.Y.M." on August 29.

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