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This work is the second album following "The Golden Mask" (DOD-008) by the regular quintet of Miki Hirose, a talented trumpeter who represents the Japanese jazz scene both in name and reality. This is an ambitious work with all original tunes written, and the supporting musician includes Mabumi Yamaguchi (ts), Mayuko Katakura (p), Kunpei Nakabayashi (b), and Akira Yamada (ds), all skilled top players. The thrilling development and overwhelming sense of drive throughout the album will stimulate the listener.

Miki Hirose trumpet
Mabumi Yamaguchi tenor saxophone
Mayuko Katakura piano
Kunpei Nakabayashi bass
Akira Yamada drums

Produced by Akiomi Hirano

Recorded at NK SOUND TOKYO on 17 October 2023
Recorded & Mixed by Neeraj Khajanchi
Mastered by NK @ AQQA Mastering

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El valor

iTunes Store • Jazz TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 9 • 19 Apr 2024

Artist Profile

  • Miki Hirose

    Miki Hirose(Trumpeter/Composer/Arranger) Miki was born in Kobe, Japan in 1984. He started playing trumpet in Konan Junior High School.After he graduated, Miki started playing trumpet professionally. He received the Shoji Nakayama Jazz Award and the Naniwa Art Prize. He was the youngest musician to ever receive these awards.2003, he moved to New York City. Working as a freelance trumpeter, he played with various bands. In 2010, he released his first album "A Day in New York," and in 2013 he released his second album, "SCRATCH." Both received a large number of reviews and were played all over the world. September 2013, Miki Hirose Quintet participated in FONT, a jazz festival in New York City featuring NY based up-and-coming trumpeters. 2014, He moved back to Japan and started performing at many jazz clubs and festivals all over Japan. "The Golden Mask" (2020) / "El valor" (2024) by regular quintet, "Air" (2021) by duo with Mayuko Katakura, "DEBUT" (2018) / "Relight Delight" (2021) by Miki Hirose Jazz Orchestra ) and other works are being released one after another.

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