Yahiote Bible

  1. Yaminote
  2. Ichigo chan
  3. Soyokaze Sayonara (feat. Yahiote Girls)
  4. Rerere
  5. Fukan to Senbou no Ballad
  6. Middle Patch
  7. Aimai na Mono dane
  8. Suisanya
  9. Tenten to
  10. Syounen Syoujyo to Sakuragichou
  11. Damian
  12. Hitomi no Ichi

KENTARO! a.k.a. Dayonashiik
This is the first album, with 12 songs.
The story is a mixture of small metaphors and emotions.

KENTARO!! a.k.a. Dayonashiik

Dancer / Choreographer / Musician / Leader of "TOKYO ELECTROCK STAIRS" While using techniques, mainly from Hip-hop, as his base, he practices his own mode of expression, breaking away from existing stylized approaches to dance. His style is narrative dance loosely synchronized with the original sound sources he himself creates, composed by thoroughly weaving together the meaningful and the meaningless. In 2008, he won the [Yokohama Dance Collection R] French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers and the Audience Prize and Next Stage Special Prize at [The TOYOTA Choreography Awards 2008]. In 2010, he received the Japan Dance Forum Award. Following a o ne-man tour in three German cities 2012, he repeated to his solo work, he is also leader of the dance company TOKYO ELECTROCK STAIRS. In 2013, A showcase at NY was admired by the"NY Times" . In 2016, Invited to Dance New Air, the biggest dance festival in Japan, rebuilt the work and announced at the Kichijoji Theater in December. In 2017, Performances of five full length pieces in Tokyo(Theatre Tram) and various places. He has performed in various countries such as USA, France, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Bulgaria, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Poland and more. KENTARO!! made 10 solo works so far, and as a company I made 17 full length dances. Nowadays, he composes music for his own dance piece and present solo and group works every year. He keeps probing his own dance expression more.

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