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Tateduka 2000, which continues to send music from Toyama to the world, will release the best Christmas song of Reiwa on November 20th.

The number of event-producing jobs in Corona has dropped sharply, and since moving to Tokyo in the 1980s, he has returned to his hometown of Toyama, has continued to produce music with the power of digital and the Internet, and has been releasing it every month since July this year.
Gradually, songs have been selected for overseas playlists, and responses from overseas via email and DM (direct message) have been returned.
At the 18th Tokyo International Music Market (18th TIMM) hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Video Industry Promotion Organization, and the Japan Music Industry and Culture Promotion Foundation, which were held remotely from November 1st to 3rd. Also participated. Despite struggling with language barriers with hundreds of overseas record companies, music distributors, and event / concert operators, he continues to hold remote conferences with the cooperation of translation software and friends. Participation in overseas festivals after 2022 has also become possible.

I miss Christmas Blue this time
It's like a time-spun track in the 80's. And grab the inner part of your heart
Sentimental lyric, story-like development is dramatic. Masahito Arai, who was in charge of the theme song for the anime "Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ", "It's not an anime-an old earth man who forgot his dream-" was invited as a guest and chorused with KIDS in Toyama.
Positive message to the last
The best Christmas song in Reiwa history has been completed.

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  • TATEDUKA2000

    TATEDUKA2000 Profile TATEDUKA2000 is a Japanese singer, musician and DJ. He create music based on dance music with rock, funk, hip-hop, and pop. His songs are very catchy with melodies and lyrics. Recently, TATEDUKA2000 has been perform as a member of the band TEE TEE TEA BIOGRPHY TATEDUKA2000 has been perform as a band member at live-show venue all over Japan since the 1980s. His main venue was Shinjuku LOFT, which is very famous venue in Tokyo. He also working as a manager of live venues in Shibuya and Shinjuku, radio DJ, and managing a bar. After that he started his own business in 2019. TATEDUKA2000 has been perform as a singer, musician and band member TEE TEE TEA, and also involved in music event planning, production, casting, songwriting and more in his hometown Toyama-city and Tokyo. Past Co-Stars: GACKT, SEAMO, Ami Suzuki, Wakadanna (Shonan-no-kaze), Maximum the Hormone, D-51, misono, SNAIL RAMP, Yakkun Sakurazuka, Mark Panther, ROTTENGRAFFTY, Neurotica, Lolita No. 18, TOTALFAT, 175R, BRAHMAN, Torihada Minoru, Diggy Mo (sold'out), Gaki Ranger, etc.

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