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和太鼓・鳴り物 三浦公規
津軽三味線 織江響
Recorded&Mastered&Arranged/M.Hiratsuka Recorded/Northeye Studio
助成/公益財団法人 仙台市市民文化事業団

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Small flowers in the snow

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Small flowers in the snow

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    RAUMI PROJECT Profile "Spirit and technique body" PROJECT, presided over by Koki Miura, was started with the aim of creating beautiful expressions using everything. We are aiming for a one-day expression world with everyone who feels full of heart with the expression method and space at that time by convening various artists who transcend genres. Starting with Sendai City's first LIVE in February 2017, events and LIVEs at Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Mie, Fukushima, Iwate, Yamagata, Saga, etc. Participated in the stage, consolation performances, outdoor festivals, etc. He has performed stage expressions with Western musical instruments, flower arrangements, free footballers who hold Guinness, and Ryofuuka, a too beautiful calligrapher who also teaches calligraphy for NHK TaigaTV. The one-man LIVE in Osaki City, which was held from July 2019, achieved SOLD OUT for all three performances. From a two-person traditional Japanese music (RAUMI duo) with a Japanese drum player, Koki Miura, and a Tsugaru shamisen player, Hibiki Orie (RAUMI duo) to a large number of Japanese musicians (RAUMI trio, RAUMI BAND, Japanese musical instrument ensemble RAUMI, etc.). From folk songs to original songs. It expresses a lot of art. Since 2019, the two Japanese musicians have been in charge of the monthly stage as Kofu Hibiki (yose name) at the fixed seat "Hanaza" in Sendai. In 2020, participated in the Ai etiquette sensor "Mirror One" WEB CM. Koki Miura / Hibiki Orie double name first mini album "Banshu no Hikari" released. -Biography- Koki Miura plays Japanese drum Wadaiko and sound instrument Narimono. He becomes an independent musician in 2019. He was the instructor of the Reconstruction Wadaiko Team of Ogatsu Junior High School, a Japanese idol group called AKB48, and TERU-an artist from GLAY band. Kouki Miura has collaborated with many famous artists like Tokiko Kato, GLAY, Aya Sugimoto, and Ikumi Kumagaya. He has been performed and recorded with them both locally and internationally. In 2018, he worked with the world premiere of Shakespeare musical "KNIGHTS'TALE" directed by John Caird, starring Koichi Domoto and Yoshio Inoue. His music brought him very good reputation. For Koki's play doesn't only focus on the power of music, but also the meaning behind the rhythm. People say Koki Miura's music is "a talking Taiko (Japanese drum.)"

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