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Mai Higuchi and Tenyo Sajiki Ensemble's new single ``Sunflower Hill'' is a work that they want to deliver to people who feel that life is difficult, and people who have their own world that is difficult to accept in society. Following on from the previous album "Asunaro Katan", it is a catchy and profound work. Please enjoy Mai Higuchi's powerful singing voice, singing with all her heart, and the delicate yet bold performance of the Ceiling Sajiki Ensemble, which makes the most of her singing.

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  • Mai Higuchi and Ceiling Sajiki Ensemble

    "Mai Higuchi and Tenjo Sajiki Ensemble" is popular for their nostalgic yet new songs that incorporate elements from a wide range of genres, from Showa songs to chansons, jazz, rock, and blues. Mai Higuchi, who was active as the vocalist of the rock band "Diva Orchestra" until 2011, and who is active in a wide range of fields including singer, lyricist, composer, music instructor, and MC of "Junji Inagawa's Ghost Story Night Tour", will be presenting "Nostalgic Healing". This is a project started in 2013 with this theme. In a rapidly evolving world, they are working tirelessly to pass on the importance of good old things and warm music to the next generation. A passionate diva who sings with all her heart and a bold yet careful ensemble that makes the most of her singing resonates.

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