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I'm feeling that the ability to communicate directly with people is declining more and more due to the use of SNS and the corona crisis.
Human can only build a boring future if they only interact with someone superficially and at the bare minimum.
I titled this song "Comedian" with respect, to dedicate it not only to professionals, but to people who always have the spirit of trying to entertain people (make people laugh).
I think that making people smile can change lives and the world.
Maybe, ordinary people doesn't have to be funny and interesting.
But I can't stand uninteresting conversations and silence. I believe that the world would be peaceful if there were only people who had the spirit to entertain others even if nobody laughed at him or her.
It's not necessary for everyone to be a comedian, but adults who can't even make a precious person smile in front of them are guilty.
If you can make people who have difficulty laughing laugh, your life may become brighter and more enjoyable.
Thank you for making me laugh yesterday, today and tomorrow!!
Love Comedian!!!!

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    Recording the melody that comes up with from somewhere, drafts of 13 songs have already created. However, I didn't have any means to shape the image because I can play the piano a little bit. Then, I encountered Logic Pro X which my daughter of generation Z has bought, and I finally got a chance to have someone listen my songs. Even though, I'm not good at manipulating a PC, Z in my house as another brain, tried to learn all kinds of programming as if it were a game. We've finally come this far while repeating trial and error. She is also good at treating Hatsune Miku, and may become the vocalist later instead of VOCALOID, god knows. We started creating music by dividing a role as a married couple and collaborating like a twins. How wonderful it would be if I could make a song that hasn't existed in this world yet. I'm going to release one song in two weeks, it's my aim. By the way, I'm also not good at singing and playing the instruments. I expect my generation Z to make up for my lack of ability. I want to create many songs freely and enjoyably without being bound by music theory.

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