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RavanAxent:ARs, Piitcha

When my soul being trampled on the ground

I hear your voice calling out for

I'm all alone, nobody's gonna help me find the truth

"Why did you forsaken me?"

For a moment I thought of such a negativity

"Hope" you rise above the earth

Falling on my knees and praying all my heart

And I say

Stay, light of hope

That will shatter when you feel lost inside

Tomadowanai you ni tebanasanaide (Don’t leave me so I won’t be lost)

When you get up, see the shine above the skies

Won't you stay : light have been fallin'

Te wo nobase and see the light in stars

Namae mo nai hana mo saiteiru yo

Kowareteshimatta my heart and soul i gave it my all

Aisareta koto ni kizukanai mama

Stay within my heart mimamotte kudasai

And I say

Fumareta hana wo oboeteiru ka

Namae mo nai no ni tachi naorundayo

Yowasa wo mitometa kara koso

Tsuyoku aruketeiru

Yume he no michi wo ikiru

  • Lyricist

    Ravan Axent

  • Composer

    Ravan Axent

EsCap-e Front Cover

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RavanAxent:ARs, Piitcha

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    RavanAxent:ARs, Piitcha

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    EsCap-e (Instrumental)


RavanAxent:ARs new single "EsCap-e" featuring vocals by Kanta, Leon, and Piitcha (moccatune).

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