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ロンドンに全く日本国内の文脈とは異なるバイリンガルのMCが居てそいつがヤバい、と一部のSNS上で話題になっていたDaichi Yamamoto。ロンドン在住時に発表したjjjやKojoeとの楽曲で、注目度を上げ - どうやら日本の京都で育ったMCらしい - という情報も届きだした2017年に帰国。

2018年にSTUTSやAi Kuwabaraらの作品に客演参加を経てAaron ChoulaiとのジョイントEP" Window "の発表。

今回Daichi Yamamotoによる初めてのソロ・シングルとなった"上海バンド"。ラップと歌を自由に行き来し、美しい低音から高音まで奏でる滑らかな歌声は唯一無二。プロデュースには00'年代から国内のシーンで活躍するSHIMI from BUZZER BEATSが担当。

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  • Daichi Yamamoto

    Daichi Yamamoto is a sound artist and rapper from Kyoto. He is currently working on his solo performance career while producing his own music and music videos. As well as this, he creates interactive sound installations that play with the notion of performance, incorporating the public into part of the performance themselves. After graduating London College of Communication Interaction Design of Arts, Daichi released first collaboration EP "Window" through Jazzy Sport with Jazz Pianist Aaron Choulai on 2017. Releasing The music video All Day Remix feat. GAPPER & Sennninsho " from the EP, which was well spoken of. Daichi finds his work brings about a holistic picture that draws a connection between the music industry and the art of sound installation.

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