1. Rakugaki

On the motif prepared by the leader, May Inoue, all the members draw graffiti randomly with improvised sounds! !
This is the absolute groove music with great pleasure that combines indigenous beats and chaotic beauty!


The Jazz Group "STEREO CHAMP" led by a young top runner guitarist/composer, May Inoue, who leads the borderless Jazz scene, keeps running to the unique light "MONO LIGHT" which is even far beyond Jazz! STEREO CHAMP is coming up to the new stage with this new song featuring a vocalist, Kento NAGATSUKA, from WONK! STEREO CHAMP is a Japanese Jazz group formed by a young talented Jazz guitarist/composer, May Inoue with reliable Jazz musicians Shinpei Ruike (Trumpet), Shota Watanabe (Piano/Keyboard), Ren Yamamoto (Bass) and Yasushi Fukumori (Drums), formed in 2016. STEREO CHAMP : May Inoue (Guitar, Composition) Shinpei Ruike (Trumpet, Synthesizer) Shota Watanabe (Piano, Keyboard) Ren Yamamoto (Bass) Yasushi Fukumori (Drums)

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